Meet Our Mascot - ROO

Roo’s Story

In March 2018 New Beginnings received a message from a gentleman asking for help with his dog. A concerned team member immediately responded and asked the person for more info and photos. This is how Roo’s story started…

We got photos that evening of a little doggie who looks like a kangaroo as he was born without front legs. New Beginnings raised funds for his rescue, since we knew what his fate would be, in the rural area he lived in. That Monday morning the shelter manager drove to Thabanchu to save Roo. He had a good owner but he was concerned about his safety, since many people in their cultures believe in things that could harm Roo in many ways. Roo was signed over ended up at the rescue centre, and this pup stole all our hearts. He was placed in quarantine as he had ringworm, but that cleared up sooner than later. He was also fed with special needs food since he was malnourished.


In June New Beginnings received an awesome donation of WHEELS. That’s when Natalie who is a board member of New Beginnings, said to her husband that they should foster him to rehab him with his wheels.  5 days was all she needed….. Or so they thought! 😊

On 18th July 2018 at Mandela day at New Beginnings rescue centre, Natalie took him home for the rehab process. Home checks were done but there wasn’t a suitable adoptee. The LAST home check that fell though, was a sign that he is meant to be with Natalie. Roo became Roo Kotze and very soon became the mascot of New Beginnings!

Roo HAS MORE lessons to teach people and he still has MANY hearts to steal.  We soon realized that THIS dog was born for a REASON….TO HELP US TO EDUCATE OTHER’S AND BRING HOPE AND LIGHT TO THE WORLD!

Outreach & Education

Up till now Roo has visited nearly 200 schools since 2018, and educated THOUSANDS of children and people.

He also visited hospitals and mental institutions and gave free therapy sessions just through his story and presence.

Roo was born to make a difference in the community and New Beginnings will keep on keeping on to bring long term change and help other animals just like Roo. Roo is a huge inspiration to all of us!

If you want Roo and New Beginnings to visit your company / school / hospital, please contact us on 072 047

Support New Beginnings & Visit Roo

Roo also has his own range of products for sale, to raise funds for his shelter friends at New Beginnings! Come visit Roo at Dee’s Fishing Tackle @ Tuinpark, Bloemfontein and browse his products or take a selfie with him!

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