You have decided that you want to save the life of an animal – you want to adopt from New Beginnings.

Below is a step-by-step guide of what our adoption process entails.

When you fall in love with one of the New Beginnings animals, you contact 066 425 6631 / to apply for the pet.

We will then send an application form for us to match you up with the right pet or put the pet you have chosen on hold. Once you have sent the application back to us it doesn’t mean that the adoption is approved, and New Beginnings has the right to choose the best suitable family for our animals.  (T’s and C’s apply)

Please also note: If you are applying for a pet from outside of Bloemfontein, we will consider the application but if an application for the same animal is received from a family in Bloemfontein in the meantime, they will get preference and you will have the choice to apply for another pet or consider adopting from an organization closer to you.

We will then arrange a home check. A home check is done for a number of reasons, including making sure that your yard is secure; your other animals are well taken care of; your yard and family is right for the dog or cat that you have chosen; and that the animal will receive everything that it needs to be well taken care of.

If your home check is approved, you will sign the adoption contract. The adoption contract mainly states that if the adoption does not work out for any reason, the animal must come back to New Beginnings and your adoption fee will not be refunded. By signing the contract, you are committing to providing for the animal’s needs and you will commit to the pet. Find the adoption contract attached.

You then pay an adoption fee. Please take note: WE DON’T SELL ANIMALS – you pay a fee to help cover some of the expenses that we have had on the specific animal, while under the care of New Beginnings.

Adoption fee for dogs: R1000 / Adoption fee for cats: R700

This fee includes: Sterilization; Vaccination (rabies & 5 in 1); De-worming;  Collar; ID Tag; and Tick and flea treatment. It also includes a FIV Test if you adopt a cat or kitten. (If all of this are done by your local vet, you would pay more or less R2500+ for it.)

By adopting from us, you have saved two lives – the one you adopted and the one who will take its place at the shelter.

Why we do home checks?

All of our animals are rescued out of abusive homes or were extremely neglected, sick, or found as strays. There would be no use if we didn’t make sure that this time, they go to the right home, where they will be safe, have a secure yard and receive everything they need. Some animals also have special needs, are escape artists or need extra big spaces. By doing home checks, we can ensure that the animal are matched with the correct space for their needs.

There is no reason to be nervous or annoyed about a home visit. New Beginnings isn’t there to judge your decorating style or housekeeping skills. We simply want to make sure that you are who you say you are and not a hoarder; lab; reseller; dog fighter; or someone who simply can’t take care of the needs of an animal.

If a rescue organization DOES NOT do home checks, you should be worried about their concern for their animals. So please understand that we love our animals dearly and we want only the best for them. It is our responsibility to provide them with a new beginning and make sure we did everything in our power to make sure that their new home is the absolute best for them.

Reasons an application may not be successful:

  1. If more than one person applied for the same dog, we have to choose the application most suitable for the specific pet. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough, there might just be a family who’s yard or circumstances are more suitable for the breed or specific animal applied for.
  2. If you reside outside of Bloemfontein, someone in Bloemfontein might also apply for the same pet and we will give preference to the application from Bfn for many reasons (Home checks can be arranged on the same day since we have a home check team in Bfn, quicker adoption to be able to save another suffering pet due to the space created at the shelter through adoption, check ups on our adopted animals are easier when they are in the same town, sterilizations on 6 months in Bloemfontein if it was a puppy or kitten are done easier without hassles etc.
  3. Your home check might not be approved due to rules and regulations not met for the specific animal

Please don’t be offended if your application is not approved. For New Beginnings it is about the pet and there will always be a good reason if an application is not approved.

TOGETHER, we can do so much more!

We can not do anything without YOUR help and support! Hope to hear from you soon.

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